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Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) Chicago, which represents over 20,000 people in the construction, municipal and industrial sectors across 15 local unions, engaged with Diamond Strategies based on our related experience in CRM, marketing automation and strategies for geographically disbursed team collaboration. With thousands upon thousands of members to reach concerning job opportunities, local hall services and membership benefits, what was the most efficient and effective way to get out notifications and reach members consistently? And if they had email addresses of everyone, how would they be able to stay up to date on all of those addresses?


First, through our process discovery, we found that the only way to obtain the latest membership data was from all 15 LIUNA Chicago local unions sending the District Council a spreadsheet. That manual request could take up to a month in itself. Instead, why couldn’t we get Local’s database to bi-directionally “talk” to the District Council and the training center by utilizing their current CRM correctly and customizing it only to share common demographic information about membership such as status, mailing address and email address?

Second, to leverage digital marketing to its fullest at LIUNA Chicago, we selected three email marketing systems. During the discovery process, we found that email automation was essential for tracking and resending reminders for unopen emails, plus the ability to tie in text message notifications when needed.

Third, through some intensive upfront work to understand and document each local union’s requirements and processes, we found other opportunities for LIUNA Chicago to go paperless, improve back-end office efficiencies when onboarding new members, tracking membership status and sharing common documents and skill certifications on a member.


Email marketing


Software development, CRM, marketing automation


One of the largest collections of labor unions in Chicago is entirely in sync with its active members

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We’re happy to report that 16 databases, which include 15 local unions and one training center, are all successfully bi-directionally syncing common demographic information, active lists and those lists are being fed into an email automation system. We selected the system for LIUNA based on requirements from the client and the client has never looked back. Something they have wanted to do for years is now an everyday reality.

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